4 Best Nail Designs Everyone Should Try

We are living in amazing times, as we can find art everywhere, and find in the most unexpected places like your hands.

While having natural nails can be rather beautiful, people always want to spice it up a little bit by changing their appearance from time to time. Nowadays, not having your nails done is something unusual for most women.

Technology has come a long way in the past decade, and we can see it in fingernail design. Designs have evolved exponentially, as we can now find hundreds if not thousands of different designs ranging from minimalistic up to 3D sculptural fingernails. Keep reading to know about the trendiest nail designs.

The Under-Nail Art Trend

We will start with a minimalistic look that exudes class. The layout is straightforward because it involves painting the top of the nail in one colour and paint the bottom of the nail with a contrasting colour.

If you are in a work environment that doesn’t allow intricate nail art among their employees, you can use this trend to your advantage.

The Two Strikes Pattern

This look takes a bit of work but is also minimalistic in its aesthetics. To obtain this look, you need to apply a base colour and on top of it, draw two lines in black to create the two strikes pattern.

This will provide a casual and fresh look you can rock at the mall or over a cup of coffee while chatting with your friends.

The Studs Look

In the past, having pointy nails was not a desired look at all, but times have changed and now we are facing a trend that’s here to stay. The use of epoxy resins has allowed fingernail technicians to develop studs to add a little edge to your nails.

This look combines with bolder colours like purple, deep red, and plum, among others.

Nails with Wire Work

Yes, your vision is fine. We are talking about putting wirework on your fingernails. Although this look might be tricky to get done by yourself at home, a specialized technician will have no issue developing the eye-catching metal frame you want.

Prepare for attention, as this look will make you stand out from everyone around you.

The universe of fingernail design has been blessed by the proliferation of new technology supporting the capability of artists.

These are only a few designs that are making an impact on the market, but there are manydesigns available for you to try every week. What was your last fingernail art? Which design of the above would you try?